Opening and viewing a triangle mesh

The mesh head rendered in wireframe, light off, culling on.

Progressive Encoding

Press Ctrl+Shift+R,the options dialog pops up:

The default output file name (.vpm) is deduced from the current wrl file name, and several options have to be chosen:

Once the options are chosen, press the button "Encode". The mesh is displayed each pair of decimation layers (i.e. valence 3 and 3-6 layers):

Progressive decoding

Decoding options:

Example on head.vpm:

Details of encoding

You may also like to visualize each patch layer independently and decompose the encoding process. In order to do so:

Press Run: the independent set is displayed:

Press Ctrl+R again and press Run. The first layer has been processed. The mesh is sprinkled with many valence-3 vertices:

Press Ctrl-R, select max degree 3 and uncheck remesh and color cause, the independent set is still displayed:

and we keep going by alternating layer 3 and 6 this way... generating valence codes of removed vertices and some additional null_patch codes.